Renewal of Trademark Registration in Ethiopia: A Guide

In Ethiopia, trademark registration is valid for a period of seven years, after which it can be renewed for consecutive seven-year periods. The trademark owner is required to request for renewal and attach proof of payment of the renewal fee as prescribed by the regulations. However, there are specific conditions and guidelines that must be followed during the renewal process to ensure its success.

First, it is important to note that at the time of renewal, no changes can be made to the trademark or the list of goods and services in respect of which the trademark is registered, except for the elimination of certain goods or services from the list.

Furthermore, the renewal must be made within three months after the expiry of the registration period. In case the renewal is made after the three-month period, the owner may still renew the trademark within the next six months by paying the regular renewal fee and a penalty as prescribed by the regulations.

Once the renewal has been made, the Office of Intellectual Property shall record the renewal and notify it in the Intellectual Property Gazette, a newspaper with nationwide circulation, radio, television, or website, at the cost of the owner of the trademark. If the trademark is not renewed within the specified time limit, it shall be considered to have been waived or cancelled, and the Office shall remove it from the register. However, this does not prevent any person, including the former owner, from seeking a registration for the trademark that has been waived or cancelled.

To submit an application for renewal, the trademark owner must fill the form prescribed by the Office and submit it within the specified time limit, accompanied by proof of payment of the appropriate application fee. Upon examination of the application, the Office will either accept or refuse the renewal request.

If the application is found to be acceptable, the Office will renew the trademark registration upon payment of the fee stipulated in the schedule and issue a certificate of renewal to the owner. On the other hand, if the application is found to be incomplete or incorrect, the Office will refuse the renewal and notify the owner of such refusal and the reasons for the refusal.

The renewal of trademark registration in Ethiopia is a crucial process that must be followed to ensure the continued protection and validity of the trademark. The owner must abide by the specified conditions and guidelines, submit a complete and accurate application, and pay the appropriate fees to ensure a successful renewal process.