Opposition to Trademark Registration in Ethiopia

The safeguarding and creation of a brand identity for companies and individuals through trademark registration in Ethiopia is a crucial step. As part of the process, the Office for the Registration of Trademarks in Ethiopia examines applications for trademarks to ensure that they comply with the provisions of the Trademarks Proclamation and Regulations. However, if an individual or entity has objections to a trademark application, they have the option to file an opposition to the examination process. In this article, we will discuss the process of opposition to trademark examination in Ethiopia.

Notification of Opposition

Any person who has objections to a trademark registration application may file an opposition within the time period and manner prescribed by the Regulations. This opposition must be in writing and must state the grounds for the objections, accompanied by supporting documents and payment of the required fee. Once the opposition has been filed, the Office will send a copy of the opposition and supporting evidence to the applicant.

Counter-statement from the Applicant

The applicant has the option to submit a counter-statement, which outlines the grounds that support their application, within the prescribed time limit. If the applicant fails to submit a counter-statement, it will be assumed that they have abandoned the application. The Office will then examine the merits of the case and make a decision. A copy of the Office’s decision will be furnished to both the applicant and the person who made the opposition within the prescribed time period.

Invitation for Opposition

Once the Office determines that a trademark application is acceptable, they will publish a notice of invitation for opposition in the Intellectual Property Gazette or a newspaper with nationwide circulation, at the cost of the applicant. This notice may also be supplemented by a radio or television broadcast or a website notice as deemed necessary.

Opposition to trademark examination in Ethiopia is an important aspect of the trademark registration process, allowing individuals and entities to object to a trademark application if they believe it does not comply with the provisions of the Trademarks Proclamation and Regulations. The Office for the Registration of Trademarks in Ethiopia takes opposition into consideration and makes a decision based on the merits of the case. It is important to keep in mind the time limits and requirements for filing an opposition to ensure that the process runs smoothly.